Saturday, September 08, 2007

Awfully Short Post

...give me a week or two of this "working for a living" business to get myself properly sorted out OK? It's been quite the shock to this lazy girl's system...

Because I'm part-time these days, I'm usually on the highway over the noon hour, and I've taken to listening to the UMFM's broadcast of Democracy Now with Amy Goodman during my disgustingly long, carbon-spewing ride home from the small town in which I teach. I'm not ashamed to say that I think I have developed a little bit of a girl-crush on her. Her growly voice just kills me, and she's sort of everything I'm not but wish I could be: Politically articulate, objective and emotionally IN CONTROL when it comes to the pressing issues of the day. Because this has been a weepy week (Baby Fangs has sobbed uncontrollably each morning as I've left for work) her show and that voice have had an incredible impact on me. Words and phrases like "melting polar ice caps", "Abu Ghraib" and "Jimmy Carter" get me bawling in ways that can be confusing (JIMMY CARTER???) and probably not emotionally healthy. I would be reluctant to write about it here, were I not so positive that it is only a temporary affliction brought on by the terrible upheavals of the week.

Actually, a lot of things are making me bawl these days. (Ball whom? Hahahahahahaha blehhhhhh.)

Like the crickets.

I'll try to write about the crickets tomorrow.


Jocelyn said...

I feel like I need to come sit next to you as you write about the crickets. But I'd cry too and be of no help.

And seriously? No, seriously? Don't get me started on Jimmy Carter. I LOVE that man and what he is in the world. My husband knows that when JC passes, I'm not to be touched or spoken to for some time--not until I request a cuddle and some emotional support. I even told the neighbor across the street last week--giving him a head's up, in case Jimmy's demise is imminent.

They all know to stay away from me.

But send flowers.

cce said...

The crickets of late summer or early autumn (well, I call them Peepers and I think they might be frogs in these part) always inspire a profound sadness. Like end of days and new beginnings and the way Jimmy Carter can say his name in this incredibly gracious Georgia drawl which makes me feel all cozy and five years' old again. I hear ya.